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RISE is an internationally established IT service provider with over 20 years of industry experience.

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About RISE (Research Industrial Systems Engineering): As a producer and driver of digital technologies from Europe for the entire digital world, the IT house RISE, which was founded more than 20 years ago as an R&D company of the Vienna University of Technology, can point to leading references, long-standing customers, key technologies, solid products and profound expertise in sectors such as healthcare, mobility, finance, retail, administration, manufacturing, industry and IT security. RISE enables partners to be solid innovators and digital transformers, while reliably integrating good old process and existing knowledge from established companies and institutions.

In the German healthcare sector, RISE has played a leading role in the development of the Telematics Infrastructure (TI) since 2006 and has brought numerous components and services to market. RISE is currently responsible for the ongoing expansion of the RISE Konnektor, the development of 28 million highly secure health records for more than 80 statutory and private health insurance companies, a service for secure e-mail communication between doctors (KIM), the central identity provider (IDP) of the TI for regulating access to specialised services such as e-prescriptions, several federated IDPs and numerous other specialised components of the TI. RISE supplies infrastructure software to doctors' surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals and provides end-to-end maintenance and development. In addition to ePA deliveries to statutory health insurers, RISE is equipping a growing number of private health insurance customers with ePA technology and future-proof federated IDPs.

As a global software house and system manufacturer and integrator, RISE has key experience, technologies and components for nationwide and pan-European solutions in many areas of digitalisation, such as GovTech, insurance, payment and banking, logistics, transport, mobility, public administration, industrial IoT, IT security technology, mobile phone security or digital ID.

RISE acts as a technology manufacturer or integrator for its business partners and generally leaves the broadband communication to its customers and partners. For detailed information on specialist, project, technology and research topics, please email: 7a786f79796f4a7863796f277d6578666e24696567

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