Usability & User Experience

UI/UX design is a critical factor in any digital product today and is an integral part of all projects and products created by RISE. We ensure that the people who use our software and hardware can do so intuitively. Our experts ensure that the applications are not only technically sound and easy to use, but that they are also visually appealing.

Outstanding product development through excellence

Our expertise is based on the many successful projects and products we have delivered over the past decades. When designing interactive systems (both hardware and software), our mission is to create a product that all users can not only work with efficiently, but also enjoy.

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Interdisciplinary expertise

Our team consists of experts with different specialisations and qualifications in all areas between graphic design and IT. Close collaboration with our development teams on projects results in design specifications with a high degree of technical accuracy and applicability for smooth, time-saving and efficient implementation.

Aiming for success

By using our expertise and the associated methods, we pursue the following goals together with our customers:

  • Avoiding design changes in late development phases, which can result in enormous additional costs
  • Increasing user productivity while reducing potential errors that can occur during use
  • Cost benefits in ongoing project and product support due to lower training and support costs
  • Positive reviews of the application and satisfied users

Flexibility for every project

We cover the full range of interaction design, graphic design and user experience activities required, always in consultation and dialogue with all stakeholders. Our service portfolio ranges from assistance with requirements elicitation, through the creation of interaction concepts, graphic designs and early interactive prototypes, to evaluation and testing in various forms. A holistic UX strategy accompanies all activities.

We are also happy to work with our clients' external partners, such as design agencies, to support and complement the design process already chosen. Our experts are well known and valued by our clients for their excellent advice, for example in translating delivered design specifications into a form that can be implemented efficiently and with low long-term maintenance costs.

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User-centred design process

We involve users in the software development cycle from the outset by following a user-centred, iterative design process. Our usability and user experience specialists are able to guide users through the process and apply the selected usability methods that are best suited to the current phase of the project and the objective, in order to achieve the highest benefit at the lowest cost.

RISE has its own UI design and usability specialist group (DECO-DEsigning COmfort) that keeps an eye on design aspects and user interaction in parallel with development. If required, the development iterations can be continuously reviewed by experts through user evaluations (e.g. usability tests) or usability inspections.

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The support of the entire project from start to finish, introduction and support of the product enables the creation of outstanding, innovative and efficiently usable software, in which the mapping of the user's wishes is at the forefront.

With usability certificates such as the UIG seal, RISE can demonstrate compliance with high usability standards through independent testing.

An illustration of an iterative design process with 4 phases

Diverse expertise creatively applied

We have the right design for every solution, from conservative to ultra-innovative. We have the knowledge and skills to create designs for organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors. Whether it's finance, healthcare, automotive or transport, we always deliver the right design. For us, every new project is an exciting challenge, but also an opportunity to explore new levels of creativity.

Excellent technology and a superior user experience require a well thought out and intuitive UI and UX design in order to create an exceptional product.

Our expertise:

Analysis of user or customer needs

Creation of user interface designs

Development of user experience concepts

Creation of wireframes and interactive prototypes

Usability and user experience evaluation

Contribution of relevant innovation ideas

Identification of optimisation potential in existing systems

Development of an integrated UX strategy

Selected topics

From idea to product

We are passionate about creating great user experiences that make your products and services successful. Our team of experienced UX designers is dedicated to translating your vision into intuitive and engaging user interfaces.

Our proven process begins with a thorough analysis phase to understand your target audience and their needs. Depending on the project goal, scope and task, we then select the best methods to achieve the goal in a time and cost efficient manner. For example, we use the results of the analysis phase to create user personas and scenarios (e.g. customer journeys) for the next steps.

From rough sketches to high-fidelity interactive prototypes, we work with you to develop a design that is both functional and visually appealing.

Three images of prototypes as sketch, wireframe and mockup

As part of the design development process, we can provide you with prototypes that give you a realistic feel for the look and feel of your application even before the development phase. These early prototypes are also a great way to evaluate the user experience. This allows you to identify potential areas for improvement at an early stage.

Research in the field of UX & design

We pursue a strategy of continuous research to create innovative and outstanding user experiences. Our commitment covers all aspects of UX. We also maintain a strong dialogue between industry and research.

Many of our team members are involved in research and teaching alongside their project work.

Through their teaching activities, they nurture the next generation of UX designers while sharing both their practical expertise and their insights and innovations with the UX community.

Our UX experts regularly contribute to international journals, conferences and publications to present the latest developments in UX design.

This commitment to research and knowledge distribution is reflected in our approach and ensures that we are always at the forefront of UX innovation.

Industry and research: synergies for innovation

We believe that a broad exchange of knowledge between industry and research is beneficial to both. That is why we maintain very close relationships with leading national and international research institutions and universities.

Our experts bring their practical knowledge to the research environment, while benefiting from the latest scientific findings. By working closely together, we drive the development of best practice and innovative solutions.

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Administration at the service of its users

Digital services must be easily accessible and understandable to all citizens, regardless of their technical expertise or access to digital resources. Usability is essential for an inclusive and efficient public administration.

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