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Convenient, efficient multi-platform user interfaces: RISE employees have in-depth experience in implementing user interfaces on web and mobile technologies. Mass-market customer applications, expert applications, high security, use of NFC/Bluetooth technologies, app stores - we deliver the solution end-to-end.

With experience for the user

RISE has extensive experience in app and web development and has been able to conceptualise, design and implement numerous applications on different technologies with very high user numbers and support them during operation as a valuable innovation partner. A comprehensive software toolkit supports the efficient, highly secure, interoperable realisation of your requirements as part of an efficient project implementation. More than 300 applications realised by RISE for customers are used worldwide.

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State-of-the-art and beyond

At RISE, web and mobile apps are not just built, but thoroughly engineered. This means that state-of-the-art software development processes are applied in the same way as for client-server applications, so that the solutions are secure, easy to use, customisable, expandable and therefore future-proof for the customer.

Deployed technologies - long history and leading edge

RISE has numerous experts in the technologies used in the web and app sector and can fulfil special customer requirements accordingly. Thanks to its long history in this field, RISE has extensive experience in technology selection and the use of the latest technologies, software architectures and software patterns, as well as extensive experience with older platforms that are still in widespread use. Examples of platforms already in use: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian, various mobile and desktop frameworks and browsers.

A wide spectrum

As part of projects and RISE products, we have also worked intensively with mobile technologies such as NFC, Bluetooth, Secure Elements (SIM, eSIM, Trusted Execution Environments) and built corresponding solutions for customers. In this context, RISE offers a broad spectrum of interactions at the point of interaction and can build on a corresponding product portfolio.

Security of applications

Interoperability, standards, data protection and data security are playing an increasingly important role in the development of user interfaces and are taken into account accordingly in design and implementation. A dedicated security department (ESSE-EStablishing SEcurity) ensures compliance with the relevant security standards (e.g. OWASP Mobile Top Ten) before, during and after implementation.

Due to the large number of RISE projects in the healthcare sector, payment/banking environment, e-government, etc., RISE can incorporate the corresponding requirements in the specific domains into the projects accordingly. RISE solutions are frequently audited by independent security institutions and fulfil the highest security requirements.

Maximum usability leads to high acceptance

In a market driven by user acceptance, such as the app/web market, the user interface and usability play a decisive role in the implementation. At RISE, future users are involved early on in the design process and throughout the entire implementation in order to be able to take their wishes and ideas directly into account.

A group of people talking and working together

RISE has its own UI design and usability specialist group (DECO-DEsigning COmfort), which keeps an eye on the design aspect and user interaction in parallel with development and, if desired, can continuously review the development iterations as part of evaluations with users (e.g. usability tests). The end result is good, innovative and efficient software that focusses on the user's wishes.

With usability certificates such as the UIG seal, RISE can prove compliance with high usability standards through independent testing.

Our expertise

RISE offers a comprehensive service for mobile app and web development that takes your ideas from concept to release. We understand that every project is unique, and rely on a development process that is tailored to our clients' individual requirements.

We often take over all steps in the development process, from requirements gathering, conceptualisation and implementation of UI and UX design, platform and technology consulting, project implementation, integration and networking of the solution, reviews and security checks, distribution, to long-term maintenance and forward-looking further development of the software.

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Our technological expertise covers web applications with different front-end technologies, native iOS and Android development as well as cross-platform or hybrid development technologies to ensure that your app works optimally on all devices and operating systems. We select the implementation technologies in close consultation with our customers, carefully evaluating a variety of factors to provide customised solutions. These include, for example, requirements for the user experience, security, performance and necessary functionalities, as well as support, update and maintenance policy of the solution, the manufacturer's further development strategy or licence models and the associated costs.

Due to the multitude of technologies, trends and promises in the web and mobile sector, it is easy to lose track of which horse to back. Thanks to its many years of experience in these areas, RISE provides clarity through future-proof architectures with investment protection.
Selected topics

RISE Mobile App Suite

With the RISE Mobile App Suite, RISE offers a comprehensive, security-certified solution for the rapid implementation of mobile applications using components such as app hardening, app management, consent management and security applications for encryption/integrity that are required on an ongoing basis. Using the framework, applications can be implemented efficiently while taking numerous business requirements into account.

The RISE Mobile App Suite consists of a large number of components that are required in practically every mobile app. They form the underlying foundation for the specialised logic of the respective individual app with customer-specific modules. In addition to basic infrastructure components, the available components cover basic functionalities such as communication with backend systems or other peripheral devices via standardised interfaces (NFC, Bluetooth, etc.). On the other hand, they offer frequently used functions such as document or barcode/QR scanners, OCR, content management, messaging & push notifications or special data parsers and input support.

Thanks to clean encapsulation and defined interfaces, modules from the RISE Mobile App Suite can be flexibly selected as building blocks and integrated depending on the app's requirements.

Reach your destination faster

By using the RISE Mobile App Suite, which has been (further) developed and refined over the years, applications can be realised significantly faster and to the highest quality. Customers benefit from increased maintainability, better testability, clear interfaces and reusability. This means that the focus of the mobile app implementation can be placed on the individual aspects and unique selling points, while the basic pillars of the implementation are already solid. The RISE Mobile App Suite can be used for the realisation of prototypes and short development cycles for a fast, effective and targeted innovation process.

Continuous further development, quality assurance and checking for security standards round off the use of the RISE Mobile App Suite.

With the RISE Mobile App Suite, applications can be realised significantly faster and in the highest quality.

Patented & award-winning solutions with 5 stars

Thanks to our research projects and close cooperation with research institutions, we are always up to date, follow trends and explore new possibilities to optimally reach, support and serve users with mobile solutions.

RISE's patented solutions demonstrate our ambition to open up new avenues for our customers by offering unique technological features that set us apart from other manufacturers and make the seemingly impossible possible.

In addition to patents, mobile applications developed by RISE have received several awards, including the Constantinus Award and the UIG seal "User-centred development".

Achieving end-user satisfaction with our mobile apps is a central part of our goal definition of partnerships with our customers. By realising a unique user experience, simplifying processes and creating real "conveniences" for end users, we strive for the best ratings in the app stores. This is made possible by a commitment to continuous development based on feedback and requests from end customers, careful maintenance, provision of new features and integration of the latest platform functions.

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Smart building management

Platforms lay the foundation for intelligent building management, while apps provide users with intuitive and secure access. Together, they create an ecosystem that simplifies management and enables personalised user experiences.

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