RISE is an end-to-end engineering company. All the strands of the IT engineering guild come together in our company and go out into the world in a polished state. From usability to security, from mobile to desktop, from smart card to mainframe/host, hardware and software, simply end-to-end. Convince yourself of the first-class art of engineering.

End-to-End engineering

We live and breathe end-to-end engineering in all IT disciplines to provide our customers with the best solutions while maintaining a high standard of quality. Consumer applications, backend/core process digitalisation, embedded systems and IoT, open source, migrations and replacements - RISE is the right partner!

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Comprehensive expertise

Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of a complex and large IT project, from the front end (design, usability and development) to the highest levels of security, hardware (programming and design), operations and multiple domain expertise.

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We always deliver!

RISE solves software technology problems professionally, validly and realistically, within the planned time frame. Industry experts know the positive and important promise our management makes to you as a customer: "We can get it done, on time, and to budget".

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Supporting all phases

RISE supports its customers in all phases of the software development lifecycle and builds end-to-end systems. RISE has a "peopleware" that includes industry "veterans" who have produced and supported host applications, as well as many experts and experience in the latest technologies.

As a development house, RISE can handle any project - regardless of size - professionally and appropriately.

Overview of the RISE Engineering
crafts disciplines

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The fine art of artificial intelligence

AI, machine learning and deep learning are revolutionising data and document processing as well as big data analysis. Our wealth of experience is also paying off in this area. Especially for future investments.

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